To Contemplate…

August 30, 2011

… and to give to others the fruits of contemplation. That is what Contemplata aliis tradere means. This is also the motto of the Dominican order. No, I’m not a Dominican, at least not in any formal or official sense but I heartily believe that the spirituality that this order embodies has much to offer our world–a world where stillness and silence has become a rare experience. This motto is the cause I wish to contribute to through this blog.

What is it that I am trying to contemplate and share?

God-willing, it is the truth but not through elaborate treatises on abstract concepts, or through soap-box type writing. I will simply share my experiences. Though little will really separate this from a typical journal genre, my faith is my perception of life. Faith is not simply a lens through which I can make out the details or a tint that colors my vision, but it is my mind’s eye, apart from which I could not make sense out of any experience at all. As such, my writing about my experiences will just be riddled with unusual (compared to the rest of the internet as a whole) language. I think you, the multitude of avidly devoted readers of this blog, will see what I mean as this blog unfolds. So while this is more or less a public journal, what will make it at all different is the infusion of faith in the Triune God and in Jesus the incarnate Word. I am Catholic and this is my blog.

Questions, thoughts or comments?

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